Over the long haul, real estate typically outperforms most other investment vehicles. Whether the market is up or down, it is possible to build wealth and protect assets through real estate. Tier One Partners provides the expertise to help you make decisions that will meet your investment goals. Whether you are looking to house your business, create an income stream or take advantage of market appreciate, our proven system allows you to maximize your chance for success. When you are ready to sell, we help you determine the optimal offering price and develop a marketing plan to support your goals.

Tier One Partners, founded in 2016, provides a team approach to real estate investing, giving clients and customers a 360 degree view of their investment opportunities – construction, finance, business and marketing. We are looking for long-term relationships, not short term transactions. We work with you as trusted advisors as you invest, grow, manage and liquidate your real estate assets.  Look to us for:

  • Apartments buildings, duplex, triplex…any size
  • Retail strip centers leasing and purchasing
  • Office buildings leasing and purchasing
  • Vacant land purchasing
  •  Industrial properties and warehouses
  • Section 1031 exchanges
  •  Building packages of residential homes for investment and income


Our guiding principles:

  • Real estate is an important part of your financial portfolio.
  • You deserve respectful attention to what you feel is important to achieve your goals.
  • We work with you to provide the information necessary for you to make the best decision.

Here’s how we work:

  1. Identify objectives: we work with you to understand your needs, objectives and investment parameters.
  2. Offer possibilities: Our team of experts, with expertise in finance, business, construction and marketing identify opportunities that meet your specific needs, whether buying or selling
  3. Review options: the decision is yours, and we help you evaluate the options in order to choose the ones that best meet your criteria
  4. Negotiation support: we help you navigate the negotiation process to achieve the most favorable terms
  5. Funding options: we help you identify funding options that meet your investment criteria
  6. Close the deal: we are there through closing – and after – to support your choices


Contact us today to learn how we can help you achieve your real estate investment goals. (link to general email)